Welcome to Sitters on Set!


 Sitters on Set is designed to assist parents with the time consuming obligations and schedules of young performers. We understand that while your young performer's career is important, sometimes you just can't be in two places at once. Being on set and going to auditions can take hours out of your day, and we are here to help if and when you need it. When on set every young performer requires an authorized adult to provide guidance. And who can provide this service better than those who are seasoned and experienced industry professionals? Sitters on Set will accompany your young performer as their guardian/advocate on set and to auditions. While on the job, Sitters on Set will help guide them through the process by: aiding them in their school work with the set teacher, helping them run lines and stay focused, and keeping them company. And you can rest assured that your young performer is in good hands with Sitters on Set!

"I hired Sitters on Set three times in four days and the sitters were exemplary, the communication top-notch, their attention to detail above and beyond."

--Pamela C., Mom of a young performer

"'These are the best sitters ever!' is what my daughters say, and I whole heartedly agree. They aren't just sitters, they are friends."

-Jeannie F., Mom of two young performers

"I just want parents to know that they are not alone. Sitters on Set is here to help every step of the way."

-Heidi Kerring, Sitters on Set CEO