How does it work?

Once your child receives an audition or a booking, email or call us immediately! Once we receive your first S.O.S request, we will email you an intake form. The intake form will provide important information about your child. Once you fill this out, your young performer's information will be kept in complete confidence. 


Next, we will send you a confirmation email which will provide you with information on your assigned sitter, as well as a checklist for everything your young performer needs to bring with them to the job. Your sitter can either meet you at the destination of the audition/job, or you can opt to use our pick-up/drop-off service. 


Once your young performer is finished for the day, our sitter will have you sign a voucher verifying the hours that the sitter worked, and any mileage if you choose to use our pick-up/drop-off service. You will then receive an invoice for payment via email. 


And don't worry about missing out on your child's experience on set; our sitters can text you pictures or videos of your young performer's day if you would like!

How are we different?

First and foremost, all of our sitters are industry-professionals with experience working on-set. We know all of the audition and film lingo and procedures. We will help your young performer with their lines (if they have any), and make them feel confident and energized before it's time to work.


All of our sitters go through an intense interview process, as well as a background check before being hired. Once hired, our sitters are required to complete a training seminar, where they are educated on all of the laws and paper work required for child actors as well as set procedures specific to child actors. Our sitters are also required to sign a contract ensuring the privacy of your young performer.


Your child's sitter will be there to assist the set teacher with their schooling, and to give them extra one-on-one time to help them get their work done.


During down time, your child's sitter will be there to keep your young performer company, as well as entertained with any activities your child brings. At meal time, your child will have their sitter with them to help make healthy choices and to protect them from any food allergies.


Being on set and auditioning should be fun and we want to make sure your child enjoys every step of the process. We all love being on set, so naturally we'll make sure your kid loves it too! Your young performer can confidently walk into their audition, or on to set feeling cool because they will have a savvy, experienced, industry professional accompanying them. And you can be at ease knowing that your child is in excellent hands!


*Spanish-speaking sitters are available upon request.